Employee Training

Water Loss Training Series

Water losses cost U. S. insurers approximately $112 billion annually, but many of those claims have very high potential for recovery.  The Veritas Engineering Water Loss Training Series gives personnel—from property adjusters to subrogation specialists—the tools they need to yield higher recovery on more claims.

Water Losses 101: The Adjuster’s Field Guide

Effective handling of water loss claims starts the moment the adjuster arrives on site.  The early moments are critical, and this course serves as a guide to make sure that your case is not lost before it begins.  Areas of focus include tips and tricks, securing evidence, documentation from a recovery standpoint, and an overview of items with high subrogation potential.  A pressure gauge and laminated field guide are included.

Water Losses 201: The Subrogation Specialist’s Guide

A water loss file has landed on your desk.  Now what?  This course focuses on separating winners from losers and identifying claims that are worth investing resources into.  Subjects include evaluating losses, an overview of current failure trends, and an introduction to engineering reports.

Water Losses 301: Playing to Win with Expert Reports

Armed with your expert’s report, the lines are now drawn.  This module explores common failure mechanisms, their causes, and the defensive counterarguments that adverse parties often make.  It is designed to help the file handler build their case by using technical arguments, rebuffing meritless positions, and seeing past distracting and unrelated arguments.

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