The Veritas Advantage

What our Customers are Saying

“We already have an engineering report, but we need one from Veritas in order to recover anything.” -Subrogation Attorney

“I like to use Veritas. They are around the same cost as Donan and DPI, but I feel like I get more for my money. [They] use the scientific method in all reports, and I feel like that has been key so I’m able to explain to the other party why it failed and what they could do to stop it from happening.”  -Subrogation Specialist

“Just got an offer for full value on that water heater case. I doubt that I would have received [that] from my prior expert.” -Subrogation Attorney

“We received a full recovery on this loss.” -Subrogation Specialist

Authoritative Experience

When you choose Veritas, you are choosing the advantage that comes from being a part of thousands of failure investigations.  Odds are, whatever you send in for examination is a failure that we have previously seen.  Membership on key committees in relevant organizations and independent research put us on the leading edge of industry developments.  The signature of a licensed Professional Engineer or PhD chemist at the bottom of every report we write confirms the credentials of the author.