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About Us

Engineering Excellence at its Best

Veritas Engineering Laboratories focuses narrowly on understanding why things go wrong. Our holistic approach to forensic engineering means that you get a definitive report on what actually happened—not just an opinion.  With Veritas, you get testing that delivers results instead of shortcuts and tedious arguments.

Expertise that Delivers Results

Our comprehensive and focused approach leaves no stone unturned and no hypothesis untested.

Failure Analysis​

What failed is the easy part.  How and why is where our experts shine. We are here to help you.

Water Loss Examinations

Water losses are the foundation of Veritas Engineering and are where most of our research and testing is focused.  Water heaters.  Sump pumps.  Brass fittings.  These are the things we examine every day. 

Fire Investigations

Update May 1, 2023:

Veritas Engineering is no longer accepting fire investigations until further notice.  We will be focusing exclusively on mechanical failure investigations and water loss investigations.  This transition is implemented to better serve our customers and avoid delays in project completion.   

Get the whole truth. Every time.

Some of our Services

Safely secure evidence by letting us handle the details of pickup, packaging, and shipping.  We will work with one of our nationwide shipping partners to ensure that your evidence is shipped quickly and safely.

Most loss investigations start with our standard Flat-Fee Examination, which includes examination, testing, and a verbal or written report by a licensed Professional Engineer.

Finite element analysis (FEA) is a computerized method for predicting how a product reacts to real-world forces.  We can also perform moldflow analysis to simulate the plastic injection process.

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