The Veritas Advantage

Is Your Expert a Jack-of-All-Trades or a Master of One?

Is someone that claims expertise in fire investigations, vehicle accidents, water losses, and structural failures really an expert at all?  At Veritas Engineering, our philosophy is simple: Do one thing and do it well.  Our exclusive commitment to water losses means that you get a qualified and experienced expert with a deep understanding for every examination.  We devote our full effort to testing and research that enables us to understand water losses in a way that diversified organizations simply cannot.  By specializing in the failure analysis of plumbing components, supply lines, and appliances, our clearly written reports stand up under scrutiny and yield results.

Technology that Works for You

Our mobile-friendly website and hassle-free shipping make understanding water losses a breeze for anyone with a smartphone or tablet.  Simply log on to our website, tell us who the claim is for, and drop the evidence off with one of our nationwide shipping partners.  It’s that easy.  While you are at our website you can upload photos, videos, or other relevant documents.

When we examine your project, our commitment to technology means that we will use the latest tools to figure out what happened and put you on the front end of failure trends.  Leveraging technology throughout the reporting process yields consistent and authoritative reports in the quickest fashion possible.

Personal Touch

Tired of being ignored or passed off from person to person when you have a question?  Veritas Engineering’s client-focused approach means that you have a single point of contact for all your needs.  From the details of the failure to the logistics, your account manager will always make sure that you have the information you need in order to be successful.

Authoritative Experience

When you choose Veritas, you are choosing the advantage that comes from years of experience and being a part of over 10,000 failure investigations.  Odds are, whatever you send in for examination is a failure that we have previously seen.  Membership on key committees in relevant organizations and independent research related to water losses put us on the leading edge of industry developments.  At Veritas, all testing, examination, and reporting is completed by a licensed professional engineer or PhD chemist.  We value your case too highly to employ technicians or engineers in training.

Veritas Engineering.  The Water Loss Experts.