STEM Outreach

Interested in Educating your Students About STEM?  We Would Love to help!

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is not only a vital area of the twenty-first century economy, but arguably its primary driver.  With higher levels of technology permeating fields that are seemingly unrelated to STEM, such as farming and advertising, there is a far greater dependence upon those that produce and implement technology-intensive solutions than there was a generation ago.  Sadly, domestic interest in STEM is woefully inadequate to meet current demands.

STEM is an exciting area, but a lack of exposure means that most high school students have little realization of the opportunities that exist.   In conjunction with engineers and other technical professionals, our hands-on outreach program exposes students to STEM-related fields and provides them with resources and guidance to make an informed decision.  We show students what opportunities exist in STEM fields and how students can seize those opportunities from where they are.

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